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Ningbo Realpower Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd.
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Robust design with smooth ON/OFF switching by turning the lever. Equipped with security lock. The contact surface of the magnet consists of two longitudinal poles with prism. Due to the use of neodymium magnetic material these lift magnet have an enormous lifting capaci...
[Last Updated: 2009-09-16 21:34:07]
LM-F Series
EPM50 Quad-Grid milling chucks; Fine poles for smaller, thinner parts. Fine pole version with a standard polar density comprising size 50x50mm poles with a force of 350 kgf for each pole. Best suited for workpieces at least 250x 250mm and 10mm thick, Also with limited t...
[Last Updated: 2009-09-16 22:00:18]
Quad Chuck Series

With fine parallel pole pitch P = 4 mm, Use: Clamping of small and thin; to medium-sized workpieces. Features: Extremely low height due to use of neodymiumiron-boron magnets. Pole pitch P = 4.mm. Nominal holding force: 80 N/cm2; Magnetic field height: 8 mm; Pole plat...
[Last Updated: 2009-09-16 22:22:18]

Round Permanent Magnetic Chuck

Component Part: Strong permanent magnetic filter bar fixed onto a framework. When anything containing iron/steel substances passes through the framework, the iron/steel substances will attach themselves onto the wall of the tubes. As a result, your equipment and faci...
[Last Updated: 2009-09-16 22:29:13]

Magnetic Filter

In order to obtain optimum magnetization,not only the power source for magnetization,but also t he magnetizing fiztures must be properly designed and manufactured so as to match with the purpose.We design a variety of magnetizing coils and fixtures, and manufactures ...
[Last Updated: 2009-09-16 22:44:19]

Magnetic Assembly
Materials include both Rare-Earth Magnets and Non- Rare-earth Magnets. Rare-Earth Magnets are of higher performance while Non- Rare-Earth Magnets are of cheaper price. Real magnetic always tries to provide its customers appropriate materials according to their actual re...
[Last Updated: 2009-06-01 22:57:33]
NdFeB Magnet
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