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Ningbo Realpower Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd.
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MCC Sine Permanent Magnetic Chuck: Features: Positive locking at all angles without any distortion. Large effective area is provided for machining the work pieces. Constructed of hardened alloy tol steel. Double way sine plate; can grind tow way angle at the same time. Angle precision.007/100mm. Applications: Flat type for wide range of uses. Ideal for high accuracy grinding operation. Suitable for high precision angle grinding on a m
[Last Updated: 2009-09-16 22:05:02]
Sine Permanent Magnetic Chuck
suitable for grinding and light milling application. best for larger and thicker workpiece; extra strong magnetic force and less remaining magnetism; coolant and water proof structure. parallelism, flatness and squareness 0.005mm/100mm. Pole pitch: steel 4mm, brass: 2mm; Nominal holding force: 80N/cm2; Pole plate wearing limit: 5mm; PMS1018: 100x180mm, Pole pitch: steel 4mm, brass: 2mm Nominal holding force: 80N/cm2; Pole plate wearing
[Last Updated: 2009-06-02 00:06:50]
Sine Permanent Magnetic Chuck
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