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Ningbo Realpower Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd.
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fine-pole chuck with integral flushing for sinker EDM\\\'s; intgral flushing hole system in top plate for suction or pressure flushing of erosion material; fine pole with inter-pole design minimises magnetic flux height to ensure free flushing of erosion material; fully saturating magnetic design with positive-off ensures consistent performance across entire chuck face and full workpiece release; fully submersible for use in EDM bath
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Rectangle Permanent Magnetic Chuck
PMM-1018 Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chuck: With transverse pole pitch, neodymium-magnets, enhanced holding force; Use: Heavy machining, such as milling and planing. The dense, concentrated magnetic field enables it to be used for small, medium and large workpieces, including those with rough or uneven surfaces. The magnetic field is without any stray fields, preventing magnetization of the tool. Features: Exceptionally strong neodym
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Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chuck

With fine parallel pole pitch P = 4 mm, Use: Clamping of small and thin; to medium-sized workpieces. Features: Extremely low height due to use of neodymiumiron-boron magnets. Pole pitch P = 4.mm. Nominal holding force: 80 N/cm2; Magnetic field height: 8 mm; Pole plate wearing limit: 5 mm; Pole pitch: steel 3 mm, brass 1 mm; RMF125,RMF160,RMF200,RMF250,RMF315,RMF400,magnetic chuck,magnetic tools

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Round Permanent Magnetic Chuck
MCC Sine Permanent Magnetic Chuck: Features: Positive locking at all angles without any distortion. Large effective area is provided for machining the work pieces. Constructed of hardened alloy tol steel. Double way sine plate; can grind tow way angle at the same time. Angle precision.007/100mm. Applications: Flat type for wide range of uses. Ideal for high accuracy grinding operation. Suitable for high precision angle grinding on a m
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Sine Permanent Magnetic Chuck

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