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Ningbo Realpower Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd.
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The beam clamping modules have been developed over a period of time working in conjunction on ships such as the \"European Diplomat\" and the \"Isle of Arran\". These modules take the place of the original welded cleats and wedges that were used to hold the I section beams flat to the now plates, during injection and the subsequent curing where the resin undergoes an expansion stage. The option chosen was to go with a manually operat
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Beam Clamping Module

LM-600A Rare Earth Lifting Magnet: The most practical, safe and economical way to lift ferrous loads; Realmagnetic\\\'s Lifter are a real revolution in magnetic handling of ferrous loads. Absolute compact dimensions and low weight, great power and total work safety are the qualities, that make them the best answer with near zero operating costs and quick return on investment for all small and large shops in the industry. A range of 6
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LM-A Series

Applications: Use the LM-B SERIES to move plate steel, block or round steel, and iron material in your shop. Super-powerful lifting magnet requires no electricity. It\\\'s perfect for loading or unloading most workpieces including press molds, plastic molds, machined parts, etc. Rated for up to 2000kgs! Powerful magnet tested to hold OVER THREE TIMES the rated load for maximum safety. Rated for loads up to 2000kgs. Eliminates dangero
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LM-B Series
Robust design with smooth ON/OFF switching by turning the lever. Equipped with security lock. The contact surface of the magnet consists of two longitudinal poles with prism. Due to the use of neodymium magnetic material these lift magnet have an enormous lifting capacity related to their size and weight. The break-away-force of e.g.. the 250 kg version is at least 100 times its own weight. The lifting magnets can easily be switched by
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LM-F Series

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