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Ningbo Realpower Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd.
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For electro-permanent magnetic chucks this control unit is supplying the current impulse for switching the chuck on and off. The integrated, microprocessor controlled, pole reversing function demagnetizes the magnetic system and also eliminates the remanence magnetism in the workpiece. Due to this the workpieces can easily be released from the chuck, any chips are easy to remove, and, even more important, separate demagnetization of the
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Control Unit

EPPLC Series Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck: used for the manufactory that produces plastic injection produces with Smaller batchs, quicker delivery times and \"just in time \"delivery force the supplier to more frequent tool/mould change. High performance, With its high energy magnets the EPPLC system ensure an absolute safe application in injection moulding machines due to a homogeneous and concentrated flux through the base plat
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EPS series Standard Pole Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck: For grinding application of all sizes of jobs and for horizontal spindle surface grinding machines as the main cutting thrust is towards the length of the chuck, poles at right angle of the wheel give more gripping of the job. No heat build up or deformation provides high precision accuracy. No electricity required to keep the Electro Permanent Magnetic Chuck ON. All Metal To
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Parallel Chuck Series
To accommodate workpiece geometry and allow 5-side machining,Made of cold-drawn steel, the pole raisers can be machined to any shape. The table shows an extract from our standard range. Can be supplied with specific machined dimensions, prepared for costumer\'s workpiece dimension. PE75FH:75x70x60mm,PE50FL:50x48x30mm,PE75FL:75x70x60mm,PE50EH:50x48x60mm, PE75EH:75x70x60mm,PE50EL:50x48x30mm,PE75EL:75x70x30mm

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Pole Extension
EPM50 Quad-Grid milling chucks; Fine poles for smaller, thinner parts. Fine pole version with a standard polar density comprising size 50x50mm poles with a force of 350 kgf for each pole. Best suited for workpieces at least 250x 250mm and 10mm thick, Also with limited thicknesses and normal operating air gaps.
Fail-safe electro-permanent magnetic circuit pallet compatible.
Complete series of top tooling options for locating workpi
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Quad Chuck Series

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