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Large Sterilizer
16. Large Sterilizer

Product Introduction XG1.U series of sterilizers, with pressure steam as the sterilization medium, are specially designed to realize prompt thorough sterilization of cloth, medical dressing, implement and instrument in supply room, pharmaceutical factory, and laboratory. They have been widely used in hospitals and pharmaceutical industry since 1980s and can substit... [Last Updated: 2009-06-03 21:26:22]
Company Name: Yongfeng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Hot Air Sterilizer
17. Hot Air Sterilizer

GMQ.C-70 Fully Automatic Hot Air Sterilizer(70L): Hot air used as medium,GMQ.C-70 full-automatic hot air sterilizer is a small-sized quick sterilizing equipment. It is suitable to be used sterilizing the loads that can stand hot air such as surgical instruments, dentistry instruments, glass utensil, and paraffin etc. in operation room, stomatology department ophtha... [Last Updated: 2009-06-03 21:27:07]
Company Name: Yongfeng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Hot Air Sterilizer
18. Hot Air Sterilizer
RX-95 Hot-air Sterilizer 95L: Hot-air sterilizer is an advanced sterilizer,the design and the technics come from Japan,it kills the microorganism in hot air,the temperature is very high,it is widely used in stomatology department,E.N.T. department,operation room,etc.

More Products, please visit www.china-ster... [Last Updated: 2009-06-03 21:27:33]
Company Name:
Yongfeng Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Washer Disinfector
19. Washer Disinfector

All the medical instruments in operating room can be used on EASY200 or Easy350 series machine to be cleaned, disinfected and dried according to the relevant standards and hospitals program. The double door machine can realize the separation of clean area from dirty area. All the process during operation can be seen very clearly by the use of glass door on EASY200 ... [Last Updated: 2009-06-03 21:28:05]
Company Name: Yongfeng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

20. Accessories

LUB90 Cleaning And lubricating Device: Work air pressure: .3-0.6Mpa; Air consume: 60 L/min; Outside dimensions: 190×415×223mm; Weight: 2.7kg.
Working procedure:
Blowing scraps: High-speed air stream forms negative pressure vacuum in the crevice of handpiece inside the cavity, blowing away the impurities from inside the pipes and crevices.
Wash by rinse... [Last Updated: 2009-06-03 21:31:31]
Company Name: Yongfeng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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