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Tianchang Zhoulongxing Electronic Co., Ltd.
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ANHUI ZHOU LONG XING ELECTRONIC Co., Ltd is located in Tianchang City_Wandong Bright Pearl alongside the Yangtze River, Anhui Province, 10 kilometers south to the Chinese electronic Famous town_Qinlan town. Facing Shanghai, connecting Ancient City_Nanjin in the south and bordering Yangzhou in the east, with Ning-Lian expressway running throughout whole territory, lying in China's the most vibrant economic development Shanghai coordinate area, with favorable environment for economic development, we have become a leading manufacturer of electronic remote controllers, We have strong and strength and consciousness in technology and service. The creation of the company has formed and outstanding, high-quality management personnel at all levels of professional and technical team.
We develop and produce various kinds of remote control, including universal remote controllers, professional remote control, infrared remote control, wireless remote control for all kinds of equipment, ordinary and special remote controllers for V... [ Click for details ]

Featured Products
Tuner (TDQ-38B)
Tuner (TDQ-37-38R)
TV Remote Control (ZLX-New 007)
TV Remote Control (ZLX-New 006)
Remote Control (UVR0271)
Remote Control (UVR0139)
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Tianchang Zhoulongxing Electronic Co., Ltd.
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Ms. Lucia
sales manager
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Jinguan Road, Jinji Town, Tianchang, Chuzhou, Anhui, China
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