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Dongguan Chashan Hai Tong Plastics Electrical Factory
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1) AM /FM /SW1/SW2/SW3/SW4
2) Solar / Dynamo charged
3) LED Flashlight
4) Rechargeable Batteries: 2/3"AA"x3PCS, 3.6V, 300mAh
NI-CAD rechargeable batteries (included );
DRY CELL: DC-3V"AA"x2PCS/UM-3X2PCS (not included ) ...
[Last Updated: 2010-11-25 03:15:08]
Solar Dynamo Radio (HT-008)
Key Specifications/Special Features:

AM/FM radio
Dynamo powered by 3-phase AC generator
Built-in rechargeable battery
With one superbright LED torch
With a 120dB alarm buzzer
Mobile phone charging facility
[Last Updated: 2010-11-25 03:15:58]
Dynamo Radio with LED Torch
1. one led lighting/three leds lighting
2. FM scan radio with speaker
3. earphone socket
4. siren
5. emergency charge for mobile phone
6. battery:3.6v lithium battery
7. three led lights;
8.Three phase AC generator
[Last Updated: 2010-11-25 03:16:18]
Crank Flashlight (HT-676)
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