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Hongbao Electric Group Co., Ltd.
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UPS-SL backup intelligent type uninterrupted power supply ( Square wave output)has RS232 interface to PC. Which is installed with our special software to monitor the UPS-SL operation. If the battery voltage is low to critical level. ) The PC will make count-down indication and run the processing programming for the UPS-SL, that is counting down to zero, store date automatically and shut down the UPS and PC. So, the UPS-S
[Last Updated: 2010-11-25 03:05:00]

The new generation intelligent online UPS -HBG series developed by Hongbao Company adopts Motorola 16- bit data bus microprocessor, with strong calculation ability, it can sense and control different working points of UPS quickly and accurately, also can assure high reliability. We adopt special AC-DC change - over circuit to sense the output current and utput voltage of the commercial power. Through a high - fre
[Last Updated: 2010-11-25 03:05:05]
This series runs in online sine wave made with isolating output transformer, input under - voltage, over - voltage protection, output under-voltage, over -voltage, over load, short circuit protection. It features high stability, noise filtering and strong over loading. The specially designed static change - over switch makes the zero transition offers real Uninterrupted power supply. The computer monitoring is optional.
[Last Updated: 2010-11-25 03:05:10]
HB Series UPS
UPS - J power supply belongs to uninterrupted power supply that has high efficiency, small volume, nice appearance, advanced andreliable performance specially designed for microcomputer system and precise electronic instrument. When the commercial power is normal, it outputs voltage stabilized AC power supply; When the power fails or the voltage is too low or too high, the inverter powered by battery outputs AC to load i
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