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Hongbao Electric Group Co., Ltd.
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BCA battery charger adopts automatic control circuit, when charger detects that the battery voltage is higher than 15.0V (Set at user's requirement)the charge will be stopped, and the charge will be started automatically
When the battery voltage is lower than 13.0V. With the features of automatic control, quick charge, high efficiency, full plastic enclosure, space-saving,
Portable, simple operating, etc, it is suitable
[Last Updated: 2010-11-25 03:06:11]
BCA Charger
The charging current and voltage are regulated manually for GCA charger. It features high reliability&strong power, with silicon diode as rectifying element. It is suitable for charging ofvariety battery.

Applicable for charging battery used in cars, tractors, diesel engines, generators for ship, mining lamps, motorcyclesand so on, the charger also can be used to illuminate when user repairs car or in mine, besides, it i
[Last Updated: 2010-11-25 03:06:16]
GCA Silicon Rectifier Charger

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